Schedule of the cycle "Vaikų ligos"

DateVaikų ligos/M-V5 (VL)
Groups: 36-40
Group schedules: All groups3637383940
1Mo09.02      09:00-10:30 v.lig. Va
VL 5.41 (39-40)
  11:00-12:30 v.lig. Va
VL 5.38 (39-40)
  13:00-14:30 v.lig. Va
VL 5.39 (39-40)
  15:00-16:30 v.lig. Va
VL 5.40 (39-40)
2Tu09.03      09:00-10:30 v.lig. Va
VL 5.9 (39-40)
  11:00-12:30 v.lig. Va
VL 7.19 (39-40)
  13:00-14:30 v.lig. Va
VL 6.13 (39-40)
3We09.04      09:00-10:30 v.lig. Va
VL 5.10 (39-40)
 10:40-12:10 v.lig. Va
VL 7.20 (39-40)
 12:20-13:50 v.lig. Va
VL 6.14 (39-40)
14:00-15:30 v.lig. Va
VL 5.17 (39-40)
 15:40-17:10 v.lig. Va
VL 6.15 (39-40)
 17:20-18:50 v.lig. Va
VL 4.7 (39-40)
4Th09.05      09:00-09:45 Bi
VL 5.35 (39-40)
 10:00-10:45 Bi
VL 5.35 (39-40)
 11:00-11:45 Bi
VL 7.38 (39-40)
 12:00-12:45 Bi
VL 7.38 (39-40)
 13:00-14:00 Bi
VL 6.28 (39-40)
5Fr09.06      09:00-10:30 v.chir. VC
VL 5.29 (39-40)
  11:00-12:30 v.chir. VC
VL 7.29 (40)
 12:45-14:15 v.chir. VC
VL 6.23 (40)
7Mo09.09      09:00-09:45 v.lig. Va
VL 8.1 (39-40)
 10:00-11:00 v.lig. Va
VL 5.13 (39-40)
 11:15-12:15 v.lig. Va
VL 7.8 (39-40)
 12:30-13:30 v.lig. Va
VL 6.7 (39-40)
 13:45-14:30 v.lig. Va
VL 8.1 (39-40)
 14:45-15:45 v.lig. Va
VL 5.14 (39-40)
 16:00-17:00 v.lig. Va
VL 7.7 (39-40)
 17:15-18:15 v.lig. Va
VL 6.6 (39-40)
8Tu09.10      09:00-10:30 v.chir. VC
VL 5.23 (39-40)
  11:00-12:30 v.chir. VC
VL 6.22 (40)
 12:45-14:15 v.chir. VC
VL 7.28 (40)
9We09.11      09:00-10:30 v.psich. Ps
VL 5.31 (39-40)
 10:45-12:15 v.psich. Ps
VL 7.36 (39-40)
 12:30-14:00 v.psich. Ps
VL 7.33 (39-40)
11Fr09.13      09:00-10:30 v.chir. VC
VL 5.27 (39-40)
  11:00-11:45 v.chir. VC
VL 7.24 (40)
11:45-12:30 v.chir. VC
VL 7.25 (40)
 12:45-13:30 v.chir. VC
VL 6.19 (40)
13Mo09.16      09:00-10:30 v.psich. Ps
VL 4.1 (39-40)
 10:45-12:15 v.psich. Ps
VL 5.32 (39-40)
 12:30-14:00 v.psich. Ps
VL 7.34 (39-40)
 14:15-15:45 v.psich. Ps
VL 7.37 (39-40)
14Tu09.17          10:00-11:30 v.lig. Va
VL 5.1 (39-40)
 11:40-13:10 v.lig. Va
VL 7.5 (39-40)
 13:20-14:50 v.lig. Va
VL 6.4 (39-40)
15We09.18          10:00-11:30 v.lig. Va
VL 5.2 (39-40)
 11:40-13:10 v.lig. Va
VL 7.6 (39-40)
 13:20-14:50 v.lig. Va
VL 6.5 (39-40)
16Th09.19      09:00-10:30 v.chir. VC
VL 5.31 (39-40)
  11:00-12:30 v.chir. VC
VL 7.21 (40)
 12:45-14:00 v.chir. VC
VL 6.18 (40)
                     12:45-14:00 v.chir. VC
VL 7.22 (40)
17Fr09.20      09:00-10:30 v.chir. VC
VL 5.21 (39-40)
     11:45-12:30 v.chir. VC
VL 7.31 (40)
 12:45-14:00 v.chir. VC
VL 6.24 (40)
 14:15-15:45 v.chir. VC
VL 5.22 (39-40)
19Mo09.23      09:00-10:30 v.psich. Ps
VL 5.33 (39-40)
 10:45-12:15 v.psich. Ps
VL 7.32 (39-40)
 12:30-14:00 v.psich. Ps
VL 6.26 (39-40)
20Tu09.24      09:00-10:30 v.psich. Ps
VL 5.34 (39-40)
 10:45-12:15 v.psich. Ps
VL 7.35 (39-40)
 12:30-14:00 v.psich. Ps
VL 6.27 (39-40)
21We09.25      09:00-10:30 v.lig. Va
VL 5.15 (39-40)
  11:00-12:30 v.lig. Va
VL 6.2 (39-40)
  13:00-14:30 v.lig. Va
VL 7.1 (39-40)
22Th09.26      09:00-09:45 Bi
VL 5.36 (39-40)
 10:00-10:45 Bi
VL 5.36 (39-40)
 11:00-11:45 Bi
VL 7.39 (39-40)
 12:00-12:45 Bi
VL 7.39 (39-40)
 13:00-14:00 Bi
VL 6.29 (39-40)
23Fr09.27      09:00-10:30 infekc. In
VL 5.16 (39-40)
  11:00-12:30 infekc. In
VL 5.18 (39-40)
25Mo09.30      09:00-10:30 v.lig. Va
VL 5.5 (39-40)
  11:00-12:30 v.lig. Va
VL 7.9 (39-40)
  13:00-14:30 v.lig. Va
VL 6.8 (39-40)
26Tu10.01      09:00-10:30 v.lig. Va
VL 5.6 (39-40)
  11:00-12:30 v.lig. Va
VL 7.10 (39-40)
  13:00-14:30 v.lig. Va
VL 6.9 (39-40)
27We10.02      09:00-10:30 v.lig. Va
VL 5.7 (39-40)
  11:00-12:30 v.lig. Va
VL 7.11 (39-40)
  13:00-14:30 v.lig. Va
VL 6.10 (39-40)
28Th10.03      09:00-09:45 Bi
VL 5.37/1 (39-40)
 10:00-10:45 Bi
VL 5.37 (39-40)
 11:00-11:45 Bi
VL 7.40/1 (39-40)
 12:00-12:45 Bi
VL 7.40 (39-40)
 13:00-14:00 Bi
VL 6.30 (39-40)
29Fr10.04      09:00-10:30 v.lig. Va
VL 5.8 (39-40)
  11:00-12:30 v.lig. Va
VL 7.12 (39-40)
  13:00-14:30 v.lig. Va
VL 4.5 (39-40)
31Mo10.07      09:00-10:30 v.lig. Va
VL 5.4 (39-40)
 10:40-12:10 v.lig. Va
VL 7.14 (39-40)
 12:20-13:50 v.lig. Va
VL 6.12 (39-40)
14:00-15:30 v.lig. Va
VL 5.3 (39-40)
 15:40-17:10 v.lig. Va
VL 6.11 (39-40)
 17:20-18:50 v.lig. Va
VL 7.13 (39-40)
32Tu10.08      09:00-10:30 v.lig. Va
VL 5.11 (39-40)
  11:00-12:30 v.lig. Va
VL 7.15 (39-40)
  13:00-14:30 v.lig. Va
VL 7.16 (39-40)
33We10.09      09:00-10:30 v.lig. Va
VL 5.12 (39-40)
  11:00-12:30 v.lig. Va
VL 7.17 (39-40)
  13:00-14:30 v.lig. Va
VL 7.18 (39-40)
34Th10.10      09:00-10:30 v.chir. VC
VL 5.30 (39-40)
  11:00-11:45 v.chir. VC
VL 7.30 (40)
11:45-12:30 v.chir. VC
VL 7.32 (40)
 12:45-13:30 v.chir. VC
VL 6.25 (40)
35Fr10.11      09:00-10:30 v.chir. VC
VL 5.25 (39-40)
  11:00-12:30 v.chir. VC
VL 7.27 (40)
 12:45-14:15 v.chir. VC
VL 6.21 (40)
      09:00-10:30 v.chir. VC
VL 5.26 (39-40)
  11:00-12:30 v.chir. VC
VL 7.26 (40)
 12:45-14:15 v.chir. VC
VL 6.20 (40)
37Mo10.14      09:00-10:30 v.lig. Va
VL 5.20 (39-40)
  11:00-12:30 v.lig. Va
VL 6.3 (39-40)
  13:00-14:30 v.lig. Va
VL 7.4 (39-40)
38Tu10.15      09:00-10:30 infekc. In
VL 5.19 (39-40)
  11:00-12:30 infekc. In
VL 6.17 (39-40)
  13:00-14:30 infekc. In
VL 7.3 (39-40)
39We10.16      09:00-10:30 infekc. In
VL 6.16 (39-40)
  11:00-12:30 infekc. In
VL 7.2 (39-40)
  13:00-14:30 infekc. In
VL 6.1 (39-40)
43Mo10.21      09:00-16:00 v.lig. Va
VL 9.1 (36-40)

Markings in schedule:
08:00-10:15 anat.
Ju 6.3/1 (13-15)
First line - class starting (08:00) and ending (10:15) time and short notation of class location (anat. - Institute of Anatomy)
Second line - module abbreviation (Ju - „Judėjimas“ or Locomotion), class type and number (6.3), after dash - part of the class (/1).
In brackets - student groups (13-15 gr.) If you hold mouse over class code, full class topic is shown

List of locations (in lithuanian)
v.psich.Vaikų psichiatrijos posk.,
infekc.Infekcinių ligų klinikoje, Josvainių g. 2
v.chir.Vaikų chirurgijos klinikoje,
v.lig.Vaikų ligų klinikoje,ės medicinos auditorija 115 (naujas korp.),

Topics of classes
Vaikų ligos (M-V 5)
Problem solving
4.1„Nervinė anoreksija“ (Va)
4.5„Pasikartojantis mažų vaikų švokštimas.“ (Va)
4.7„Refliuksnefropatija vaikams“ (Va)
5.1Homeostasis in the childhood age. Physiological need for fluids and electrolytes. Water-electrolyte and acid-base balance disorders (Va)
5.2Sepsis. Septic shock (Va)
5.3Juvenile rheumatic diseases- arthritis, systemic connective tissue diseases, vasculitis (Va)
5.4Structural and functional peculiarities of cardiovascular system. Peculiarities of examination and treatment in children with cardiovascular diseases. Congenital heart defects: classification and symptoms of the most common defects in infants and toddlers (Va)
5.5Anatomical and physiological pecularities of children respiratory tract. Upper respiratory tract disorders: common cold, pharyngotonsillitis, adenoiditis, rhinosinusitis, otitis media, croup (Va)
5.6The most common acute lower respiratory tract infections and their complications: acute bronchiolitis, acute bronchitis, acute community acquired pneumonia (Va)
5.7Wheezing child. Asthma in childhood, diagnostics, differential diagnostics, factors influenting asthma development. (Va)
5.8Tuberculosis in childhood: the most common clinical forms and diagnosis Cystic fibrosis in children: diagnosis and the main principles of treatment (Va)
5.9Glomerular diseases in pediatrics - acute poststreptococcal glomerulonephritis and nephrotic syndrome: pathogenesis, clinical features, diagnostics, treatment (Va)
5.10Urinary tract infection in childhood: etiology of pyelonephritis, diagnostics, treatment (Va)
5.11Peculiarities of haematopoietic system in children (blood tests values at various ages. (Va)
5.12Lymphadenopathy in children: lymph nodes in healthy child, causes of lymphadenopathy, clinical presentation, diagnosis and management. (Va)
5.13Peculiarities of physiology and anatomy of gastrointestinal tract in children. (Va)
5.14Functional abdominal pain in children. (Va)
5.15Infant feeding.(comparison of BM and CM,factors influencing breastfeeding,advantages of BM and BF for baby and for mother, weening products). (Va)
5.16Psychomotor development, children’s age groups, evaluation of children physical development (Va)
5.17Rickets, spazmophilia (Va)
5.18Exanthems in children: measles, rubella, scarlet fever, herpes viral infection (HSV-1, HSV-2, VZV, EBV, CMV, HHV-6) (Va)
5.19Intestinal infections in children: etiology , clinic, diagnostics, treatment, prophylaxis (Va)
5.20Adverse reactions to food ( food intolerance , food allergy), symptoms, organs involved (Va)
5.21Features of neonatal surgery (VC)
5.22Differential diagnosis and treatment strategy of intestinal obstruction in children (VC)
5.23Abdominal pain in children (VC)
5.25Peculiarities of diagnosis and treatment in acute hematogenous osteomyelitis (VC)
5.26Differential diagnosis of defecation disorders in children (VC)
5.27Examination of children with urologic diseases (VC)
5.29Treatment principles of abdominal, lumbal and chest traumas in children (VC)
5.30Surgery of congenital chest wall deformities (VC)
5.31Childhood developmental disorders, differential diagnosis and correction. (Ps)
5.32Conduct disorders, types, differential diagnosis and treatment strategies. (Ps)
5.33Early onset schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders in children, differential diagnosis, treatment, prognosis. (Ps)
5.34Eating disorders in children, diagnostic criteria and treatment. (Ps)
5.35Basics of clinical genetics (KG)
5.36Peculiarities of laboratory testing in pediatric patients (KG)
5.37Clinical genetic testing methods (KG)
5.38Laboratory diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis (LM)
5.39Peculiarities of laboratory testing in pediatric patients (LM)
5.40Pathogens of infection diseases in relation to children age (LM)
5.41Radiological imaging studies in pediatrics (Ra)
6.1Child’s physical examination (Va)
6.2Making baby’s daily menu (Va)
6.3Making hypoallergenic diet (Va)
6.4Common acute conditions in children: assessment and emergency management of respiratory failure, shock and cardiac failure. (Va)
6.5Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in children (Va)
6.6Malabsorption syndrome (Va)
6.7Chronic gastritis, duodenitis,peptic ulcer (Va)
6.8Common and differential diagnosis of upper respiratory tract (Va)
6.9Differential diagnosis of lower respiratory tract infections (Va)
6.10Differential diagnosis of wheezing (Va)
6.11Arthritis in children- juvenile idiopathic arthritis – classification, diagnostic criteria, clinical symptoms and treatment. Reactive arthritis – aetiology, clinical symptoms, differential diagnosis and treatment. (Va)
6.12Most common heart rhythm disturbances in children (Supraventricular tachycardia - causes, diagnostic criteria, acute treatment of tachycardia. Ventricular tachycardia - causes, diagnostic criteria, acute treatment of tachycardia). (Va)
6.13Testing and examination of patients with glomerular diseases. Interpretation of tests results (Va)
6.14Testing and examination of patients with urinary infections. Interpretation of test results (Va)
6.15Diagnosis of rickets (Va)
6.16Peculiarities of neuroinfections in children: etiology , clinic, diagnostics, treatment, prophylaxis (Va)
6.17Rehydration therapy (Va)
6.18Clinical and radiological diagnostics of esophageal atresia, pyloric stenosis and vitelline duct anomalies. (VC)
6.19Clinical and radiological diagnostics of acute appendicitis, mesadenitis and peritonitis. (VC)
6.20Skin and subskin tissue purulent diseases in children. (VC)
6.21Clinical and radiological diagnostics of acute hematogenous osteomyelitis. (VC)
6.22Clinical and radiological diagnostics of obstipation and fecal incontinence. (VC)
6.23Clinical and radiological diagnostics of pediatric urologic diseases. (VC)
6.24Abdominal lumbal and chest traumas in children (VC)
6.25Diagnostics of abdoninal wall hernias. (VC)
6.26Children’s abuse (Ps)
6.27Enuresis, encopresis (Ps)
6.28Objective clinical examination of patient with congenital disorder (KG)
6.29Objective clinical examination of patient with chromosome disorder (KG)
6.30Objective clinical examination of patient with inborn error of metabolism (KG)
7.1Child nutrition (Va)
7.2Epidemic parotitis, diphtheria, pertussis (Va)
7.3Meningococcal infection: clinical forms, diagnostics, treatment, prophylaxis (Va)
7.4Atopic dermatitis in children: symptoms,diagnostics,treatment (Va)
7.5General, primary and secondary assessment of the patient (Va)
7.6Management of respiratory failure, shock, cardiac failure and renal failure (Va)
7.7Non infectious chronic diarrhoea (Va)
7.8Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GARD) and acute gastritis in children (Va)
7.9Peculiarities of treatment of upper respiratory tract diseases (Va)
7.10Peculiarities of treatment of lower respiratory tract (Va)
7.11Asthma phenotypes in children,symptoms,treatment pecularities in children (Va)
7.12Tuberculosis prophylaxis in children (Va)
7.13Rheumatic fever - diagnostic criteria, principles of treatment and prevention. (Va)
7.14The peculiarities of ECG in children of all ages (Va)
7.15Immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) in children (causes of disease, clinical presentation, diagnostic tests, forms of the disease, treatment and groups of drugs. (Va)
7.16Coagulation disorders in children ( haemophilia: inheritance, forms and severity of the disease, clinical presentation, differential diagnosis from ITP, treatment, replacement therapy (Va)
7.17Anemias in children (The most common anemias in children and differential diagnosis. Iron defficiency anemia: causes, clinical presentation, diagnosis and treatment. Inherited spherocytosis: inheritance, clinical presentation and complications, treatment, preparation for splenectomy. (Va)
7.18Most common oncological diseases in children. Acute leukemia in children: incidence, classification, course of the disease, clinical presentation, principles of treatment. Solid tumors: diagnosis, combined treatment (Va)
7.19Differential diagnosis of glomerular diseases in children (Va)
7.20Differential diagnosis of urinary organ infections (Va)
7.21Congenital abdominal and chest organs’ malformations: diagnostics and principles of treatment (VC)
7.22Congenital and acquired intestinal obstruction in children. Clinical symptoms, diagnostics and principles of treatment (VC)
7.24Purulent peritonitis in infants and children: diagnostics and treatment (VC)
7.25Purulent pleuritis: diagnostics and treatment (VC)
7.26Acute hematogenous osteomyelitis in infantse (VC)
7.27Congenital malformations of the rectum and anus. (VC)
7.28Congenital and acquired urologic diseases in children (VC)
7.29Hernias of abdominal wall in children (VC)
7.30Incarcerated inguinal hernia. differential diagnosis and principles of treatment (VC)
7.31Foreign bodies in airways and digestive tract in children. Symptoms, diagnostics and treatment. (VC)
7.32Urgent conditions in child and adolescent psychiatry: psychosis, suicidal behaviour (Ps)
7.33Behavioral and mental disorders in adolescence related to the use of psychoactive substances (Ps)
7.34Neurotic and stress related disorders in children and adolescents (Ps)
7.35Somatoform disorders in children and adolescent (Ps)
7.36Mood and emotional disorders in children and adolescents: etiology, diagnosis, treatment (Ps)
7.37Tics in childhood: forms, diagnostic and differential diagnostics. (Ps)
7.38Newborn screening in Lithuania and around the world (KG)
7.39Prenatal genetic diagnostic  (KG)
7.40Application of genetic testing methods (KG)
Other classes
8.1Vizitacija (Va)
9.1VLv1 (Va)